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All Unit Symbols Alt Code: How to Type the ㎡㎏ Symbol on Your Keyboard


Unit symbols you can easily type on the keyboard using ALT codes. This article includes a list of all unit symbols alt code with their description.

Each unit symbols is given an alt code. Using it, you can type the symbol you want. You can go through the ALT code table for Beta sign given in this article to know which ALT code belongs to which type of symbol.

This way you can copy the unit symbols. You can use this symbols anywhere without the help of ALT code. So, bookmark this page for later use.

List of unit symbols Alt Codes, Html Codes

Alt Code Symbol Name
ALT 13198 Milligrams Symbol
ALT 13199 Kilogram Symbol
ALT 13212 Millimeter Symbol
ALT 13213 Centimeter Symbol
ALT 13214 Kilometer small Symbol
ALT 13217 Meter Squared Symbol
ALT 13252 Cubic Centimeter Squared Symbol
ALT 13262 Kilometer Capital Symbol
ALT 13269 Square Mil

How to type unit symbols ㎎ a using ALT code ?

To type unit symbols a using ALT codes you must have a numeric keypad, obviously, every window computer comes with it but, the main important thing you should know is whether your system has a separate numeric keypad or not. If your system doesn't have a separate numeric keypad then, use fn + num lk keys to turn it on.
Now, let's look at the step-by-step procedure to type unit symbols using ALT code.

STEP 1. Click where you want the unit symbols.
STEP 2. Press and hold ALT key.
STEP 3. While holding the alt key type 1 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 8 on the numeric keypad.
STEP 4. Now, release ALT key. The letter will be inserted in the space you want.

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