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Plus Minus Alt Code: How to Type the ± Symbol on Your Keyboard


Plus minus symbol you can easily type on the keyboard using ALT codes. This article includes a list of all plus minus alt code with their description.

Each plus or minus symbol is given an alt code. Using it, you can type the symbol you want, Whether it may be Superscript, Subscript, Circled, Squared, etc. You can go through the ALT code table for plus minus sign given in this article to know which ALT code belongs to which type of symbol.


This way you can copy the plus minus symbol. You can use this symbols anywhere without the help of ALT code. So, bookmark this page for later use.

List of Plus Or Minus Alt Codes, Html Codes

Alt Code Symbol Name
ALT 177 ± Plus-Minus Sign
ALT 8723 Minus-or-Plus Sign
ALT 8722 Minus Sign
ALT 43 + Plus Sign
ALT 45 - Hyphen-Minus
ALT 727 ˗ Modifier Letter Minus Sign
ALT 800 ̠ Combining Minus Sign Below
ALT 8274 Commercial Minus Sign
ALT 8315 Superscript Minus
ALT 8331 Subscript Plus Sign
ALT 8726 Set Minus
ALT 8760 Dot Minus
ALT 8770 Minus Tilde
ALT 8854 Circled Minus
ALT 8853 Circled Plus
ALT 8863 Squared Minus
ALT 8862 Squared Plus
ALT 10134 Heavy Minus Sign
ALT 10133 Heavy Plus Sign
ALT 10810 Minus Sign In Triangle
ALT 10817 Union With Minus Sign
ALT 10756 N-ary Union Operator With Plus
ALT 10860 Similar Minus Similar
ALT 65123 Small Hyphen-Minus
ALT 65293 Fullwidth Hyphen-Minus
ALT 726 ˖ Modifier Letter Plus Sign
ALT 5161 Canadian Syllabics Final Plus
ALT 8314 Superscript Plus Sign
ALT 8330 Subscript Plus Sign
ALT 8724 Dot Plus
ALT 10746 Double Plus
ALT 10747 Triple Plus
ALT 10753 N-ary Circled Plus Operator

How to type plus or minus symbol a using ALT code??

To type plus or minus symbol using ALT codes you must have a numeric keypad, obviously, every window computer comes with it but, the main important thing you should know is whether your system has a separate numeric keypad or not. If your system doesn't have a separate numeric keypad then, use fn + num lk keys to turn it on.
Now, let's look at the step-by-step procedure to type plus or minus symbol using ALT code.

STEP 1. Click where you want the plus or minus symbol.
STEP 2. Press and hold ALT key.
STEP 3. While holding the alt key type 1 + 7 + 7 on the numeric keypad.
STEP 4. Now, release ALT key. The letter will be inserted in the space you want.

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